Home Concierge

We will manage your home for you

We make owning a second home easier

Owning a second luxury home should be enjoyable, not stressful. 

Our home concierge service handles all the details so you can simply enjoy your home. We manage trusted providers, oversee maintenance, and ensure your home is always welcoming. We ease the hassles so you can relax knowing your second home is in safe care. 

You focus on enjoying your home, we handle the rest. 

Our attentive property management gives true peace of mind.

What’s Included

Dedicated home management

Our dedicated team cares for your home and needs 24/7. We become an extension of you, managing your property in your absence so you return to a welcoming environment. 

Our on-call experts address repairs, emergencies, coordination quickly, ensuring your home receives consistent care. 

You can relax knowing your property is looked after while you’re away.

24/7 keyholding & emergency response

Your home is protected with our 24/7 emergency response. 

As trusted partners we holding keys to your home to resolve any urgent issues quickly day or night. This gives you confidence your valued property is never vulnerable. You can relax and travel with peace of mind, avoiding stresses of handling remote emergencies alone. Our swift expertise keeps your home and belongings safe at all times.

Reactive and preventative maintenance

Our dedicated team handles all aspects of maintenance for your home, preventing issues before they arise and addressing repairs urgently when needed. 

We are prepared for any property requirement – from fixing emergency water leaks to coordinating repainting projects. 

Pre-arrival & welcome services

Return home to a warm, welcoming property prepared just how you like it. 

Our pre-arrival service stocks your refrigerator, tidies up, and ensures your home is guest-ready before you arrive. 

Avoid hassles like shopping after travel. Find preferred groceries already ordered and arranged. We handle every detail so you can walk into your home ready for relaxation and enjoyment.

Complimentary lifestyle services 

Our complimentary lifestyle services offers you access to exclusive access to special events, places, and services using our network of connections. 

We arrange VIP treatment, book premium tickets, make reservations, and find one-of-a-kind opportunities.

Poised Concierge lets you enjoy real luxury living in London and Surrey.

We handle details seamlessly, meet your needs effortlessly, and customise our care so you can have peace of mind.