Frequently asked questions

How can Poised Concierge save me time in finding my dream home?

Our expert team handles an extensive search, curating the most suitable options that align with your requirements, preferences, saving you valuable time and effort in the process.

What makes Poised Concierge different from browsing property listings myself?

We take care of every detail, relieving you of the stress that comes with endless browsing, you don’t have to speak to speak to multiple estate agent or seller, we sieve through the option and ensure a smooth and stress-free journey to finding your new home.

Why should I trust Poised Concierge with negotiation for property purchase?

Our team are experienced negotiator and they can secure your dream home at the most favourable terms.

What sets Poised Concierge apart in the realm of luxury living?

We create custom luxury homes that match your unique style and dreams, so you can live the rich lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Work with us to transform your idea of luxury living.

What services does Poised Concierge offer for my home?

Poised Concierge can provide interior design service in partnership with some of the best interior designers in the world. We also coordinate things like sourcing household staff, setting up your utilities, making sure every minor detail is covered.

How does Poised Concierge maintain the perfection of my residence?

We provide proactive and reactive property upkeep, ensuring your home remains flawlessly maintained at all times. Our proactive approach means we know what to do how often it needs to be done.

How does Poised Concierge ensure a warm welcome upon my return home?

once you notify us of your arrival, using the unique requirement which are on file, we meticulously prepare your home to your preferences from stocking the fridge, airing the rooms, putting on fresh bed linen, ordering cooked meal from your favourite chef or restaurants and more.

Can I trust Poised Concierge's contractors for interior design and renovation projects?

Yes, our contractors have impeccable track records.

How does Poised Concierge handle coordination among multiple contractors and suppliers?

Our dedicated Property Team are experience project manager including PA, event coordinator who have decades of experience managing household, working on cruise ships where they have to manage various moving pieces to deliver desired result and in addition, we work with experience providers who know what to do and they do it well.

Apart from managing contractors, what additional benefits does Poised Concierge offer?

We provide a Bespoke Area Directory with exclusive recommendations from local vendors, artisans, and specialists, catering to your preferences.

How does Poised Concierge ensure a stress-free experience during the home set up process?

As your one point of contact, you don’t have to deal with multiple point of contact. We coordinate it all and report back to you. We also offer you a comprehensive Property Manual and area guide that will include information such as recommend vet, dog walk, gym, mechanic all this so you can settle easily and quickly into your new home and area.

How can Poised Concierge save me time in finding my dream home?

Indulge in exclusive events and venues, premium theatre tickets, thrilling sports events, and more, all with red-carpet treatment.

How does Poised Concierge ensure a superb. hospitality experience?

Our connection gives us access to hospitality and unique package that are not available to the general public and we’d have access to tickets that have not being advertise. We also have contacts that have been built over the 15yrs that guarantees that we know the best person to make every detail exceptional.

What types of experiences can I expect with Poised Concierge?

Indulge in exclusive events such as pit lane access at Formula One, After-parties, sports events all over the world from Roland Garros to Monaco Grand Prix, and more.

At Poised Concierge, we redefine the meaning of luxury living in London. With our seamless concierge services, you’ll have the freedom to focus on the things that truly matter, while we take care of the rest. Embrace a lifestyle where every detail is thoughtfully managed, and your desires are effortlessly fulfilled.